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About Us.

A cozy getaway spot in the business district of Lagos, Victoria Island where we offer a fine casual dining experience with a serene ambiance, a breathtaking interior, and an exquisite bar with a wide array of drinks, cocktails, and special mixes. We offer excellent hospitality & a diverse menu and are committed to serving good times.

Our Restaurant.

We have a restaurant that serves luxurious cuisine, a kid’s corner which is perfect for children’s premium enjoyment, an exquisite bar that serves quality drinks, and a rooftop lounge where guests can unwind after a hectic day in Lagos. 

Our aesthetic interior is designed to provide our guests with comfort and a serene atmosphere.

Step into a whole new culinary experience, curated just for you, your special occasions, your intimate moments, your network session, your Milestone achievements and your big days, Crepaway invites you to come as you are, awaken your senses and immerse yourself in an unforgettable dinning experience.

A Few Words About Us

Serving Good Times Since 1984

Crepaway was launched in 1984 in Lebanon. It is a restaurant built to cater to guests by combining high-quality mouthwatering cuisine with aesthetic scenery. We offer a delectable menu that includes appetizers, crêpes, salads, sandwiches, and intercontinental & spicy local dishes.

Our restaurant has a feel-good ambiance which is the perfect place to enjoy an excellent dining experience.

Free WiFi For Everyone

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Our Food Policy

We prioritise our guest’s satisfaction over anything. Therefore, we source fresh and high-quality ingredients. Our chefs ensure that each meal is well-cooked and served in perfect condition.

Our Core Values

We Keep our doors opened, Our menus Diverse, Our Service premium, and your Visit special. Making every occasion an unforgettable experience.

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